Milton, Vermont

Quality, Cleanliness and Speed


At Turgeon’s we hold our work to the highest standards when it comes to our quality. We take the utmost care in our wok while being respectful to our surroundings. Regardless if we are in your home, restaurant, commercial space, or rental property all our floors are done with same level of quality as if we were in a million dollar home. We use some of the finest in equipment in the industry along side top of the line papers and finishes.


95% of our equipment runs while hooked to quality dust collection units with hepa filters. No floor sanding is ever “ dustless “ but we do pride ourselves on running at approximately 85% collection rate. On one certain case in particular the customer actually made there lunch and ate it while watching the operation occur. Our equipment and care leaves most in surprise compared to past experiences with other companies or floor sanding 20 years ago. The video shows how much dust the big machine picks up in a approximately 200 square foot space. The picture shows you that the edger runs off a vacuum and not a bag while our palm sander is attached to a vacuum and not a messy cartridge.


Our speed is dependent on many factors when we sand a floor current state, shadowing, pet stains, paint etc. all of these are taken into account when come to you for a consultation. Our speed is a culmination of our quality and cleanliness which is never sacrificed to speed through a job.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"Superb floor sanding results, quality workmanship and wouldn't hesitate to use again."

John Halfield, Vermont