Milton, Vermont

Sanding & Refinishing

There are many different variables that can affect the process and speed of floor sanding. Finishes, wood density, knots, desired color, pet stains, shadows, water damage all have to be considered before a project starts. All these will be gone over at the time of consultation depending on what's happening on your floor. For the most part the process is relatively the same. The floor is sanded with the big machine and edgers, the corners are scraped and made to be level with the rest of the floor. The edges are palm sanded and filled where need be. The floor is buffed and extensively vacuumed before stain is applied or before the coating process begins. The floor is coated twice then smoothed out with a final buff before the last coat goes on.

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"Superb floor sanding results, quality workmanship and wouldn't hesitate to use again."

John Halfield, Vermont